Advertising is about turning heads, even if the necks are sore (in good humor). But turning necks isn’t easy business as there are a lot of things that glue your consumer’s focus.

The captain of the ship, whose passion and determination are driving the company to newer heights over time.

Mr. Salim Reza with more than 29 years of experience in Media Communications.

He is also an entrepreneur, Script Writer, Actor, Director and Producer and he acquired sufficient knowledge in Advertising, Designing, Printing and Ad Film Making before he started his own Business in 1992, whose focus later extended to marketing communications.

He tied up his experience with the young talents of the industry to create synergy, which resulted in AD ASIA.

We get close and personal with your brand and consumer. We believe in diving into their souls. We are affable and take up the role of an irreplaceable confidante.

The result is precise know-how of your brand and an understanding of your consumer that is unrivaled. As Brand Consultants, we understand the importance of building enduring brands and therefore invest our total energy in creating Brands that can weather the roughest storms of the harsh market environments.

We’ll do everything in our power to make sure you succeed. How do we do it? With a strategic mix of anything from traditional and digital, creative to public relations and brand planning.

Our creative ideas are backed by our strategic thinking. Sure, we could shift paradigms with outside-the-box thinking and a synergistic approach but what does any of that actually have to do with your bottom line? Nothing.

We’re successful because our partners are successful.